Mittwoch, Februar 21, 2007


You can tuna fish

I followed the river to its knee and its cradle. But there was no fountain, there was a beast of a factory floor, and a beastmaster of a tall well dressed man looking like a sad herringfish. Wheres the fountain, i asked the fish. Its gone, all dead, all gone, said the fish´s eye, while he handed me some handouts and company dates. Let me explain you the rules of the market, began the fish´s mouth its cascade. I could see bubbles bubbling out, bubbles full of words, and behind them was a row of shimmering teeth. Shark sadhead said, come with me, but i regretted to have a date with a freak of nature, what made sharky herring smile, and shake his head. I have never seen something terrible and sad like this old fishhead shaking. Theres no love in any company´s gang. But their mouth is in every street.

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