Mittwoch, März 21, 2007


In mind we touch

The other day there was significance. The other day there was brilliance. A show of glance, a show of hands. Feeling the old sands floating my eye. Soft, fresh, warm air. Seeking. We are allowed to introduce your favorite skin to our residents. Feel free, feel warm, you´re welcome. You´re nothing. You´re nothing less than worth a feeling. Coming a cross, with separate nails of wisdom and excitement. I was never meant to be. I was never meant to see. I´m an accident! Occidental living by your door, excuse me! Send me a letter, send me a better. Try not to hesitate. Try to deliberate. Equilibrate your tongue, get out of rhyme. Get out of here! No way. The other day. The other day there was significance. Left behind. Left aside. Soul asylum. Floating my mind. Keep in touch. Stay in tune. And believe in that moment made for you.

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